About Us

We are a small group of accountants that want to help you improve your business. More than just entering transactions and reconciling accounts, we work closely with you to understand your business and goals. We then help to make those goals a reality by providing you with the data, processes, and support you need.

We are a remote team, but at the moment we all hail from Buffalo, NY. Keep reading to find out a little more about us.

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Photo of Ryan


Lead Adviser

Ryan started Knowles Solutions in 2016 to free himself from the world of large mundane accounting departments and focus on helping small businesses. He started his career at Deloitte and has 15 years of accounting and advisory experience. Ryan views accounting and advising as an outlet for his creative side and considers himself to be a bit of a spreadsheet nerd (array formulas anyone?). He is passionate about social issues and is a board member of Girls Education Collaborative and Brighter Bahamas.


Accounting Guide

Ashley has 7 years of accounting experience. But she doesn’t consider herself a typical accountant, regularly handling HR, project management and many other business process tasks. She loves managing and helping a team achieve their goals! Ashley believes in being upbeat and positive when interacting with others. Helping the team succeed, having a positive team culture and making sure a company is efficient is her jam! She currently resides in Orchard Park with her husband, two Boston Terrier pups and brand new baby boy.

Photo of Ashley
Photo of Vivian


Integration Specialist

Vivian is a Knowles Solutions veteran. She cut her financial services teeth on bookkeeping, before discovering her real strength in automated integrations. She has an innovator’s mindset and is always looking for new methods or software to improve ours and our clients’ workflows. Vivian’s is also an active member of Buffalo art-rock band Venus Vacation and punk-rock outfit Velvet Bethany.

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We recognize and welcome the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves, our customers, and our community. We treat everyone with respect and compassion.

We don’t just pop in and “do your books” once a month. We build relationships with you and your business to provide better advice and service.

We stay politically and socially engaged to transform our community and promote justice for all.


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